Backpack Ministries

backpack ministries

Filling a Need, One Backpack at a Time for our neighbors at local schools


In this season of generosity, no one can match the big hearts of Backpack patrons.  We have over $7500.00 pledged or contributed to feed our neighbors at two Hillsboro schools.  In October, 120 pounds of food were donated, and we are easily going to top that in November.  Hooray!

During the cold months of winter, we are seeking donations of condensed soup – chicken in December and beef vegetable in January.  Although we may consider those standard on our own winter menus, these products are not available through the Oregon Food Bank, so we need your help.  Many thanks.

We are showing the warm hearts of the people of Hillsboro UMC through your kind gifts.  Please place your 10-ounce cans of soup in the yellow school bus located in the Fellowship Hall.  Food goes to families in need at Lincoln Street and Moobery Elementary schools.

To sign up for our backpack ministry,