Ministry Partners: Hillsboro Food Co-op

Organizations sharing this space, improving lives throughout the community

Hillsboro United Methodist Church is more than just a congregation that meets on Sunday mornings. This building is buzzing all week long with many community organizations across the community. Though these “ministry partners” as we like to consider them, are each autonomous organizations, we are proud of the work they are doing and happy to support one another.

Hillsboro Food Co-op



Hillsboro Food Co-op is a community-owned grocery store startup coming to Downtown Hillsboro. Our vision is to open and operate a grocery store that provides thoughtfully selected products, connects shoppers to our local food system and strengthens our community.  If you want to become part of this social enterprise and help us reach the 500 member-owner milestone, you can become a member-owner today!  Volunteer support is also welcomed from anyone in the community.  To find a role just right for you, sign up for one of our monthly volunteer orientations.