Ministry Partners:
Spect-Actors Collective/Doulas Latinas

Organizations sharing this space, improving lives throughout the community

Hillsboro United Methodist Church is more than just a congregation that meets on Sunday mornings. This building is buzzing all week long with many community organizations across the community. Though these “ministry partners” as we like to consider them, are each autonomous organizations, we are proud of the work they are doing and happy to support one another.

Doulas Latinas International partners

Spect-Actors Collective/ Doulas Latinas International

Facebook: Doulas Latinas International

Contact Person: Sandra Hernandes,


LADO translates as By Your Side. LADO is a program that trains, certifies and supports culturally and linguistically competent Oregon and SW Washington community leaders to stand by the side of Latina Mothers in birth and post partum. The presence of a  Doula has proven to improve birth outcomes and exclusive breastfeeding. In ancient Greece, a doula was a woman who supported other women in a variety of ways. Today doulas are professionally trained to provide personal, non-medical support for women through pregnancy, birth and post partum.  LADO approach is to recruit form the community of Mothers we will serve. LADO Community Based Doulas Training is grounded int the principles of Popular, Experiential and Multi-Cultural Education and Emotional Intelligence.