The History of Hillsboro United Methodist Church

Hillsboro UMC began with a gathering of settlers on the dusty Tualatin Plains in the summer of 1843. Now we continue in the footsteps of the early pioneers as we gather to grow spiritually through worship, small group studies, fellowship and service to our wider community. Much has changed along with our size and location. Now in our third “meeting-house”, the church employs a staff of ten people dedicated to furthering God’s love in this world. Beginning in 1843, visiting circuit riders brought an occasional message to the faithful handful that gathered on the plain.

One of the last pioneer churches established by Methodist missionary Jason Lee, Hillsboro UMC enjoys a rich heritage that follows the growth and development of the State of Oregon. In recent years Hillsboro has witnessed a change from a farming community to an electronics center, with a population of over 100,000. The makeup of the church reflects this growth.

Celebrating 175 Years

As part of our 175th Anniversary Celebration, we produced a video series, sharing our history and interviewing members of our congregation on topics related to our past, present and future.  See some of the featured videos below and follow our vimeo channel here for even more.